As a sound engineer I work for all kinds of audio projects in both the creative and technical field. I'm passionate about sound in all it's forms as well as the underlying technology. I have worked for films, documentaries, ADR sessions, commercials, audio restoration projects and in music, ranging from opera to EDM.  
• I’m specialised in post production, mixing and mastering for both music and film using Pro Tools, Reaper or Logic Pro
• Experience in a wide variety of styles including dance, rock, electronic, jazz, classical, traditional and contemporary music
• I can work on location or in my own studio

3D Sound 
I'm part of the Timber 3D team where we develop 3D audio tools for the gaming and AR/VR industry. 
We also offer 3D (re-)mixing services for film, video and radio or TV productions and commercials.


- music editing, mixing & mastering
- additional mixing/stem mixing
- audio restoration from tape, 78's, 45's or other media
- sound archiving and en/transcoding
- 3D audio processing & mixing

Film and Video

- film/video audio editing, mixing and levelling
- ADR recordings
- ADR/dialogue clean up, editing & mixing
- 3D audio processing


- mastered for iTunes program (MFiT)
- ISRC, PQ, UPC/EAN coding services
- delivery on DDP, CD image and/or FTP
- iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

CD/DVD Replication
- duplication/replication services including packaging and printing options in small or large quantities



•Massacre House Party •Kantilena •Gaia Gauchi (winner Junior Eurovison 2013) •Ascendor • Animae Choir •Clifford Borg •No Bling Show •Fellowfish •Monobrow Musical Produce •BeMixed! •Niki Gravino •SoundScapes /Ruben Zahra •Dominic Galea •DJ Carl Bee •Marc Verhoeven •Renzo Spiteri •Gukilari Ensemble •Radu Vincu Band •Paul Abela •Lydia Caruana & Paul Gulda •Miriam Christine •Charles Camilleri •Marty Rivers •Etnika •Indigo •DJ Ruby •JJoy  •Freetime Productions •Generation Green •Filfla Records (Lost Voices) •Malta National Archives •Mike Hedges •Temple Studios •Lito's Place •Old Railway Studio's • Waves • DJ Mac • Valhalla Music • The Ranch

Video & Film

•Channel News Asia •GCRS Transferbay, •JBL US • Bonkers • Grand Central Studios UK (You, Me and the Apocalyps)• Ten Alps/BBC •Warnier Posta Netherlands •Jardon Post Production Canada (The Dove keepers)•Sony Picture Studios/Post Production Services (Fury) •Small Island Films(Simshar) •Aurora (movie) •Dr Who (movie) •National Geographics/WAGtv •Broadcasting Authority Malta •BBC TV Post Production Services •Take 2 (Limestone Cowboy) •One Productions •Where's Everybody •CAM/CPI •Psychology Institute Groningen


“You're a wizzard!”
"What you did to the tracks is fantastic, we are incredibly happy that you worked on them!"
"we are really amazed at what you brought out of the songs, we didn't think they could sound this good!"
"very efficient and top notch service"
“Apart from the research of high quality, I think that this project stands high also from the technical point of view. Well done!”
“We're very very happy with the album. You've done an incredible job. We're very impressed and like the direction you choose!” 

sound affiliates

3D audio specialists for gaming, film 3D
remixing and 3D engines

Unheard Music Concepts

100% improvised music, a mixture of jazz, clasical and modern music with a touch of electronics
You can find unheard music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc


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