database design

I design and build custom database solutions ranging from ipad solutions to large client/server systems.
• Experience with anything from company & (web)shop management (crm, ordering, projects, finance, logistics, reporting) systems to investement databases, room reservation systems, notary contracts and finance management, language school management, ADR tools, artists management, crowd funding loan platform manager, etc.
• If needed existing data can be imported and converted from other systems into Filemaker Pro or other formats.

Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro is an open database structure for Mac OS, Windows and iOS
- Filemaker Pro solutions can work stand alone on a single Mac or PC, iPad or iPhone, or in server/client setups with mixed Mac OS/Windows/iOS clients


- Filemaker Pro easily integrates with Excel, ODBC/JDBC, PHP, etc.
- Filemaker Server can  publish or share data on the web and can be integrated with your website and is accessible by iPads or iPhones
- Mobile printing from iPads & iPhones


- BuzzM is a free and ready made solution that contains all the necessary tools to run a business (contacts, to do, items, quotes, purchase and sales orders, purchase and sales invoices, payments, reporting, VAT, etc.
- BuzzM can be used as a base for further customisation


Database Solution Development

•Toom Productions • Amber Rock •Pierre Cassar Notaries •Eye Witness •Anastasi •Elanguest Language Schools •Zampa Jewellery •Olimpus Music •UGS •the Future Store •VHU Europe •Edco Engineering •Filfla Records • LvdPol •Malta National Archives •Ministry of the Environment• Donald Cairn Bike School • University of Malta •Brenda Casting • Black Box • Anera BV 


“The system you built saves us the work of two employees!”
"If all companies were as efficient as you, life would be so much easier!"
“The system works great, and the way it works on the iPad is fantastic!”
"You did a fantastich job!"
"Thank you for being so awesome at this stuff!" 

database affiliates

Froodware develops database solutions and plugins for Filemaker Pro,
making it possible to exchange data between Filemaker Pro solutions and
 Apple's Contact’s, Apple’s Calendar and iCloud


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